Becky Thomson - Film  TV Location Sound


I’ve recorded six fully funded feature films and three HE TV dramas during a long and varied career where every job, whether drama or documentary, adds to the experience I take to the next.

Occasionally I take work as a post production sound designer which has given me additional insights for location mixing, aiding me to provide the best possible service to the post team.  In drama I maintain very good communications with Post which is often commented on as a significant benefit.


Recent Credits - Scripted and Factual

"Martin Compston's Highland Fling" Factual series Various days BBC2/Tern TV April 2022
"Make A New Life In The Country" with Ben Fogle (Lairg) Channel 5 April 2022
“GIRL” Feature Film    Director: Adura Onashile   Barry Crerar  October 2021
 “Do You Mind If I Ask What Happened (To Your Legs)” Short Film  Drama  Creative Scotland/Eyebolls/GOAT  Simon Fildes  October 2021
“Countryfile -  Islands” BBC August 2021
“Molly and Mack”  Television Drama Series 3 & 4, 44 Episodes  BBC Scotland/Cbeebies Nov 2020 – May 2021
My third booking on this fast moving children’s drama series  featuring mainly child actors, playback and around eight radio mics.
“Bell Bottom 2021” – Bollywood Movie (2 weeks) providing the majority of the scripted dialogue used in the film).  Pooja  August 2020
“Molly and Mack Series 2” Drama 17 Episodes Sound Mixer, BBC Scotland/Cbeebies 2019
“Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema" – Feature Documentary Chapters1-4” Director: Mark Cousins Post Production Sound Mixer 2018
“Molly and Mack” Drama, 12 episodes (9 weeks) Sound Mixer, BBC Scotland/CBeebies 2018
“Workers!” 90 min Artist film – Petra Bauer/Sweden/Edinburgh Collective Gallery  2018
“The One Show – Loch Ness – Mother of All Challenges” BBC 2018
“More Than An Image – Hannah Laycock” – Forward Productions 2016
“The Call Of The Pipes” BBC Northern Ireland/Erica Starling 2016
“Psalmboat” – Uist Film 2015
“Grand Designs: House of The Year” - Local Materials Episode Channel 4 2015
“Trusdh Rathad Iarainn/The Highland Railway”– Mac TV Strathspey Steam Railway 2015
‘An Dotair Mòr’ – Uist Film/BBC Alba Dir: Andy McKinnon Sound Recordist & Post Mixing & Sound Design  2014
 “Barging Round Britain with Jon Sergeant”   Episode 4.   Alaska TV for ITV July 2014
“Finding Bigfoot – Untold Stories” Discovery Channel   Inverness June 2014
“On Weir’s Way with David Hayman”  6 eps.  Director: David Street.  STV 2014.
“Afloat” Director: Neville Gabie. Sound Recordist & Sound Designer. March 2014
“Dry Dive Project” – WDC (Whale & Dolphin Conservation) – Multi-screen permanent installation. Recorded & sound designed six short films three of which shown simultaneously.

Further credits including Boom Operating and Assisting pre-2000 available on IMDB

Some earlier credits of note:

Feature Films

All productions listed here are fully funded, fully paid work.
‘A Woman In Winter’   Producer Chris Atkins, Dir: Richard Jobson 2006
‘Wild Country’ Gabriel Films  Dir: Craig Strachan November 2004
‘When Children Play In The Sky’  Dir: Lorenzo Hendel,  Greenland, Orione Zentropa Sigma Saga 2006
‘Afterlife’ Gabriel Films/Scottish Television  Feature Film.   Director: Alison Peebles     2003

HETV Drama

‘The Bill’  “Angel Rooms” & “Paint It Black” 2 x 50 mins for Thames TV.  Dir: Chris Lovett   2001
‘The Bill’:  “Happy and Glorious”  2 hour special, Thames TV.  Director: Rob Bailey.     2001
‘The Bill’  – Boom operator on 24 episodes over 10 years 1991 – 2001
“Machair” - Boom Operator two series 1989-90


‘My Brilliant Britain – Vic Reeves in Harris’  Prospect Pictures/BBC 2009   Dir: Martha Constable
 ‘The Ten Commandments – The Right to Freedom of Thought by Tilda Swinton & Mark Cousins’  BBC/SDI/Lansdowne. Part of a feature documentary. 2008
 ‘Adam’s Pears’ Orione Cinematiografica, Italy – Cinema feature documentary involving the recording of two orchestras.  2007
 ‘Raven’ BBC Scotland  Role Playing Game Show (2 Series) (Sound Sup.Mick Wild)   2002  & 2004

Commercials include:

Mitsubishi, Audi, Macallan Whisky, RBS