Becky Thomson - Film  TV Location Sound


I’ve recorded five fully funded feature films and three HE TV dramas during a long and varied career where every job, whether drama or documentary, adds to the experience I take to the next.

Occasionally I take work as a post production sound designer which has given me additional insights for location mixing, aiding me to provide the best possible service to the post team.  In drama I maintain very good communications with Post which is often commented on as a significant benefit.


Recent Credits - Scripted and Factual

“GIRL” Feature Film    Director: Adura Onashile   Barry Crerar  October 2021
 “Do You Mind If I Ask What Happened (To Your Legs)” Short Film  Drama  Creative Scotland/Eyebolls/GOAT  Simon Fildes  October 2021
“Countryfile -  Islands” BBC August 2021
“Molly and Mack” Series 3 & 4, 44 Episodes  BBC Scotland/Cbeebies Nov 2020 – May 2021
My third booking on this fast moving children’s drama series  featuring mainly child actors, playback and around eight radio mics.
“Bell Bottom 2021” – Bollywood Movie (2 weeks of 6) providing the majority of the scripted dialogue used in the film).  Pooja  August 2020
“Molly and Mack Series 2” Drama 17 Episodes Sound Mixer, BBC Scotland/Cbeebies 2019
“Women Make Film – Hours 1-4” Director: Mark Cousins Post Production Sound Mixer 2018
“Molly and Mack” Drama, 12 episodes (9 weeks) Sound Mixer, BBC Scotland/CBeebies 2018
“Workers!” 90 min Artist film – Petra Bauer/Sweden/Edinburgh Collective Gallery  2018
“The One Show – Loch Ness – Mother of All Challenges” BBC 2018
“More Than An Image – Hannah Laycock” – Forward Productions 2016
“The Call Of The Pipes” BBC Northern Ireland/Erica Starling 2016
“Psalmboat” – Uist Film 2015
“Trusdh Rathad Iarainn/The Highland Railway”– Mac TV Strathspey Steam Railway 2015
‘An Dotair Mòr’ – Uist Film/BBC Alba Dir: Andy McKinnon Sound Recordist & Post Mixing & Sound Design  2014
 “Barging Round Britain with Jon Sergeant”   Episode 4.   Alaska TV for ITV July 2014
“Finding Bigfoot – Untold Stories” Discovery Channel   Inverness June 2014
“On Weir’s Way with David Hayman”  6 eps.  Director: David Street.  STV 2014.
“Afloat” Director: Neville Gabie. Sound Recordist & Sound Designer. March 2014
“Dry Dive Project” – WDC (Whale & Dolphin Conservation) – Multi-screen permanent installation. Recorded & sound designed six short films three of which shown simultaneously.

Some earlier credits of note:

Feature Films

 All work listed here is fully funded, fully paid.

‘A Woman In Winter’   Producer Chris Atkins, Dir: Richard Jobson 2006
 ‘Wild Country’ Gabriel Films  Dir: Craig Strachan November 2004
‘When Children Play In The Sky’  Dir: Lorenzo Hendel,  Greenland, Orione Zentropa Sigma Saga 2006
 ‘Afterlife’  Gabriel Films/Scottish Television  Feature Film.   Director: Alison Peebles     2003

HETV Drama

‘The Bill’  “Angel Rooms” & “Paint It Black” 2 x 50 mins for Thames TV.  Dir: Chris Lovett   2001
‘The Bill’:  “Happy and Glorious”  2 hour special, Thames TV.  Director: Rob Bailey.     2001
‘The Bill’  – Boom operator on 24 episodes over 10 years 1991 – 2001
“Machair” - Boom Operator two series 1989-90

 Reality & Documentary

‘My Brilliant Britain – Vic Reeves in Harris’  Prospect Pictures/BBC 2009   Dir: Martha Constable
 ‘The Ten Commandments – The Right to Freedom of Thought by Tilda Swinton & Mark Cousins’  BBC/SDI/Lansdowne. Part of a feature documentary. 2008
 ‘Adam’s Pears’ Orione Cinematiografica, Italy – Cinema feature documentary involving the recording of two orchestras.  2007
 ‘Raven’ BBC Scotland  Role Playing Game Show (2 Series) (Sound Sup.Mick Wild)   2002  & 2004

Commercials include:

Mitsubishi, Audi , Macallan Whisky RBS